How Common Are Bed Sore Lawsuits?

As discussed throughout this site, bed sores can form for a variety of reasons, and untreated bedsores can have a variety of adverse health consequences.  Sepsis is one adverse health complication that can be caused by untreated bed sores, which are also commonly referred to as pressure ulcers, pressure sores, and bedsores.

A primary factor in bed sore formation is having a person – especially those with certain characteristics – remain in one position for too long of a time period.  This immobility can occur for many reasons, including the use of restraints.

Pressure sore lawsuits against long-term health care facilities (such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospices, and hospitals, etc.) are seen, especially in cases where facilities are negligent or otherwise faulty in their identification and treatment of bedsores.  On this site, bedsore lawsuits are featured in the “bed sore lawsuits” and “Illinois bed sore lawsuits” categories.

Of note, bed sores are the 2nd most common form of lawsuits against SNFs (Skilled Nursing Facilities) according to at least one study.

While not all bed sores can lead to a successful lawsuit, should someone you care for develop bed sores, the Chicago nursing home abuse lawyers at the Elman Joseph Law Group can provide you with a free case evaluation to see if the formation of, and any other harm caused by such bed sores is grounds for a lawsuit against the Illinois health care facility.

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