Lawsuit Filed Regarding Sepsis That Followed Pressure Sores

As frequently discussed on this site, pressure ulcers (also frequently referred to as pressure sores, bedsores, and bed sores) can lead to various adverse health consequences, especially if the pressure ulcers aren’t quickly – and properly – treated.  Often, such pressure ulcers are very noticeable to third parties, and painful to those that have them. … Read more

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Involving Pressure Sores And Sepsis

There has been a wrongful death lawsuit filed regarding the alleged nursing home neglect of a resident at a Joliet nursing home. The alleged negligence pertains to the development of bedsores (also frequently referred to as pressure sores) and then sepsis. As further described on the sepsis page, it is possible for a person with … Read more


As frequently mentioned on this site, the existence of bedsores (also commonly referred to as bed sores, pressure sores, and pressure ulcers) are problematical for many reasons.  This is especially so if pressure sores are not properly treated after they develop.  If bedsores are not quickly and properly treated,  further deterioration is likely to occur, as are … Read more

Pressure Sores And Infections That Develop In Illinois Nursing Homes

Pressure sores (also commonly referred to as pressure injuries, pressure ulcers and bed sores) continue to be a major potential threat to residents of nursing homes and other long-term health care facilities, such as assisted living facilities.  On this site, pressure sores and various adverse impacts they have are discussed on the “Chicago Bedsores Lawyer” … Read more

Illinois Lawsuit Over Failure To Properly Care For Nursing Home Resident

There has been an Illinois lawsuit filed over a woman’s death.  At the time of the woman’s death, she allegedly was suffering from a pressure ulcer as well as other adverse health conditions in Edwardsville. As often discussed on this site, pressure sores (also commonly referred to pressure ulcers, pressure injuries, bed sores and bedsores) are … Read more

Pressure Sores Lead To Septic Shock And Death Of Man

Pressure injuries are cause for substantial concern should they develop. Pressure sores (also commonly called pressure ulcers, pressure injuries, bed sores and bedsores) are often a sign of neglect in health care. There are many preventative measures that can be taken in order to avoid (or lessen the odds of development of) pressure sores. If pressure sores … Read more

Bedsores And The Possibility Of Serious Infections

While bedsores (also typically referred to as pressure ulcers, pressure sores, and pressure injuries) can develop in many different situations, they are most likely to develop under certain conditions.  As well, individuals with certain characteristics and health conditions are particularly susceptible. As often discussed on this site, bedsores are often a sign of health care neglect. … Read more

Cook County Circuit Court Lawsuit Regarding Deadly Pressure Ulcer

The Cook County Record article of June 23, 2016, titled “Nursing home accused of negligence,” discusses a lawsuit that has been filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County against River Oaks Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center LLC, doing business as Bria of River Oaks, which is a nursing care facility.  According to the article, the lawsuit … Read more

Lawsuit Filed Regarding Fatal Bedsores

Many lawsuits regarding bedsores (also referred to as bed sores, pressure sores, and pressure ulcers) allege that negligence occurred in the treatment (or lack of) of the bedsores.  As discussed frequently on this site, bedsores that develop and worsen can lead to a variety of ill-effects with regard to one’s health.  One of the adverse … Read more

Bedsores Cited In Cook County Lawsuit

The development of bedsores (also frequently referred to as pressures sores) is frequently cited in Illinois personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.  While the reasons for this are various, as discussed on this site the development of bedsores often leads to various health impairments.  This is especially so if the bedsores are ignored or not … Read more