Chicago Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is a concern both within the Chicago area as well as in Illinois and nationally.  For those unaware, elder abuse is generally defined as mistreatment of older men and/or women through intentional acts or negligence.  Elder abuse happens when there is an expectation of trust between the elder and the caregiver, and as such elder abuse can be committed by family members towards an elder, or it can happen in an institutional setting, such as in a nursing home, assisted living facility, hospice, or similar long-term health care facility.

The NCEA (National Center on Elder Abuse) website has various information regarding elder abuse, including a FAQs section that has 16 topics, including the following notable subjects:

  • What is elder abuse?
  • What are the signs of elder abuse?
  • What makes an older adult vulnerable to abuse?
  • Who are the abusers of older people?
  • Who do I call if I suspect elder abuse?
  • What can I do if concerned about possible abuse or neglect in a nursing home?

Elder abuse is likely underreported to a high extent.  There are various statistics that confirm this to be the case, including those found in a March 13, 2014 Chicago Sun-Times article titled “Elder abuse on the campaign trail” that contains the following excerpt:

Abuse or neglect of an elder by a trusted caregiver is a growing problem in the United States. In one study, up to 10 percent of seniors were victims of elder abuse and another noted that only 1 of 14 cases of elder abuse is reported to the authorities. Furthermore, elders who are abused are two times more likely to be hospitalized, four times more likely to be placed in a nursing home, and three times more likely to die when compared with their non-abused peers. And this is just the beginning.

If bed sores are developing in an elder, it may be a sign that elder abuse is happening, regardless of whether the elder is in a residential setting or in a nursing home.  As discussed throughout this site, bed sores (also called bedsores, pressure sores, pressure ulcers, or decubitus ulcers) and their complications can pose a grave threat to a person’s health, especially if they are not promptly and adequately treated.

With regard to Chicago elder abuse, The City of Chicago has a website page regarding elder abuse, in which it defines elder abuse and discusses who to call if elder abuse is suspected.

If elder abuse is occurring within a nursing home, skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility, hospice, or other type of health care facility, you may have the grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit or taking other legal action.  Please call the personal injury lawyers at the Elman Joseph Law Group at (773) 392-8182 to discuss the situation and determine what legal options exist.  This discussion is provided free of charge, and is confidential.