Chicago Medical Resources For Bed Sores

There are a variety of Chicago medical resources regarding bed sores (also commonly called bedsores, pressure sorespressure ulcers, and decubitus ulcers) and their various facets.

As previously commented upon in this Chicago Bedsores Law website, getting a prompt diagnosis and effective treatment of bed sores is of critical importance.  Both direct and indirect (i.e. health complications) from bed sores can pose serious threats to one’s health, and can lead to death.

One Chicago medical resource for bed sores is Northwestern Medicine, which has a variety of material concerning bed sores, including the following two pages:

On this bed sores page, bed sores are explained, including:  a definition of bed sores; bed sore symptoms (including an explanation of the four bed sore stages); an explanation of why bed sores form; preventing bed sores; and treatment of bed sores.

On the “How Pressure Ulcers Form” page, two illustrations are shown, with an explanation concerning the various factors including unrelieved pressure, shear and friction, moisture buildup, and poor nutrition.

Although not a Chicago-based institution, Mayo Clinic also has various pages devoted to bedsores (pressure sores).  Among the information provided includes a definition of bedsores; as well as discussions of symptoms, causes, risk factors, complications, tests and diagnosis, and prevention.

Additional details can be found on the above pages and their associated medical websites.