Nursing Home Bedsores Incidents

For various reasons, bedsores often accompany other types of nursing home neglect.  Bedsores are a particularly hazardous sign of potential nursing home neglect, due to the health ramifications that stem both directly and indirectly from bedsores, especially if they are not treated quickly and promptly.

A recent article about various alleged nursing home neglect in two Connecticut nursing homes highlights bedsore development in three residents, including a severe bedsore in one nursing home patient.  These bedsores are mentioned in the September 25, 2014 Hartford Courant article titled “Nursing Homes Fined Following Lapses In Care, Verbal Abuse Of Residents.”  The article discusses a variety of alleged nursing home neglect issues, including the development of bedsores as well as falls by nursing home residents.

Two excerpts from the article:

On July 8, Greenwich Woods Health Care Center was fined $1,650 in connection with residents who developed pressure sores and the resident with Parkinson’s disease who fell 15 times between Jan. 5 and May 18.


In the case of three residents who developed pressure sores, DPH found that the home had failed to document that it had assessed the wounds weekly or had properly monitored them. One wound got so bad that a tendon was exposed on the back of a resident’s knee, DPH found.

Additional details regarding this alleged nursing home neglect can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the Hartford Courant article mentioned above, as well as the September 25 article titled “Nursing Homes Fined Following Lapses In Care, Verbal Abuse Of Residents.”


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