Pressure Sores And Infections That Develop In Illinois Nursing Homes

Pressure sores (also commonly referred to as pressure injuries, pressure ulcers and bed sores) continue to be a major potential threat to residents of nursing homes and other long-term health care facilities, such as assisted living facilities.  On this site, pressure sores and various adverse impacts they have are discussed on the “Chicago Bedsores Lawyer” page, and individual posts concerning pressure sores are seen under the “bedsores” category.

Nursing home residents often have characteristics, including age, that makes them more vulnerable to the development of pressure sores.  If these pressure sores are allowed to worsen – and go untreated – there can be a variety of adverse health impacts.

Often, the development of pressure sores and the accompanying injuries – which can lead to a fatality – leads to the filing of a lawsuit.  These lawsuits often allege negligence in the health care provided to the nursing home resident.  Posts concerning bedsores lawsuits are seen under the “bed sore lawsuits” category and those lawsuits in Illinois are seen under the “Illinois bed sore lawsuit” category.

One of these adverse health impacts that can occur from pressure sores is infection.

The Chicago Tribune published an article (with videos) on September 5, 2018 titled “In Illinois’ understaffed nursing homes, deadly infections persist from bedsores and common injuries that go untreated.”  The article discusses various issues concerning Illinois nursing home residents that have developed infections, and also discusses sepsis and septic shock.

Notable excerpts from the article include:

Year after year, nursing homes around the country have failed to prevent bedsores and other infections that can lead to sepsis, an investigation by Kaiser Health News and the Chicago Tribune has found.

No one tracks sepsis cases closely enough to know how many times these infections turn fatal.

However, a federal report has found that care related to sepsis was the most common reason given for transfers of nursing home residents to hospitals and noted that such cases ended in death “much more often” than hospitalizations for other conditions.


In Illinois, about 6,000 nursing home residents a year who were hospitalized had sepsis, and 1 in 5 didn’t survive, according to Definitive’s analysis.

also, a description of sepsis:

Sepsis is a bloodstream infection that can develop in bedridden patients with pneumonia, urinary tract infections and other conditions, such as pressure sores. Mindful of the dangers, patient safety groups consider late-stage pressure sores to be a “never” event because they largely can be prevented by turning immobile people every two hours and by taking other precautions. Federal regulations also require nursing homes to adopt strict infection-control standards to minimize harm.

A video in the article further discusses sepsis and septic shock.

The article also discusses various lawsuits filed over the development of pressure sores and their health complications.

Additional details concerning pressure sores and infections in nursing home residents can be seen in the sources mentioned above.


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