Settlement Of Wrongful Death Lawsuit Claiming Pressure Sore Development

In the November 8, 2016 post (“Wrongful Death Lawsuit Claims Development Of Gangrenous Pressure Sores“) a wrongful death lawsuit concerning allegedly deficient nursing home care provided to a resident was summarized.  Among the claims made in the lawsuit was that gangrenous pressure sores developed during the course of the decedent’s (Patrick Manning) stay in the nursing home.

The March 13, 2017 The Augusta Chronicle article titled “Augusta nursing home settles wrongful death lawsuit” provides an update with regard to the lawsuit and its resolution.  As seen in the article, the lawsuit was settled on the evening before the trial was set to start.

The article provides additional details with regard to the alleged deterioration in Manning’s health and alleged negligent care.  An excerpt:

Patrick Manning suffered a stroke in 2011. He remained communicative and ambulatory but needed rehab services. He was sent to Amara. Five months later, he could no longer walk to the bathroom.

In 16 months, Manning was dead. He had gangrenous pressure sores, dehydration, malnutrition and severe contracture, a condition in which a person’s limbs remained clutched close to the body.

Norma Manning blamed what she believed was poor care at Amara for her husband’s demise.

Additional details regarding this wrongful death lawsuit and the allegations of negligent nursing home care made within can be seen in the sources mentioned above.


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